For a very long time I have been hoping to start writing a little bit about ideas, tricks and tips. Starting 2016 with this new project sounds like a nice challenge. I want to cover many subjects most of them around programming using SAS, Java, Web technologies, iOS and Mac OS. In addition a little bit of Internet of Things and Hardware tinkering.

As I explain in the about page, I work as a consultant on projects involving SAS Software. The SAS platform is very wide and includes many different technologies. I do not pretend to know them all far from it. My area of expertise is the architecture, the monitoring and the integration with other technologies… like those related to the Web (Web Services, Java, Javascript, …). As such those topics should popup more than others.

I’m also a user of many Apple products and quite curious about trying to get the most out of them. So I might try to write a few things as I make progress on that journey.

Last (but hopefully not least), I’m investigating the technologies around the so called Internet of Things and Maker movement. Creating a bridge between custom physical objects and logical objects defined through software seems like a very interesting combination.

As you can imagine, your feedback is very valuable. So feel free to get in touch through Twitter (the easiest).

I hope you’ll find some interesting stuff to read about, and may be learn a few things.

I’ll close down this first post by warning all of you that I’m not a native English speaker, so I will make English mistakes. I will gladly fix those that are brought to my attention.

Enjoy and Happy New Year 2016!