Links to resources for inspiration, learning and any kind of useful information.


  • SAS Support The starting point for any SAS related issue.
  • SAS Communities The place to share your passion with other SAS users.
  • SAS Blogs The blogs of the teams at SAS are often filled with interesting tips, tricks and information.


  • Adafruit One of the best place to learn about electronics and IoT.
  • SparkFun A great learning track for electronics and IoT.
  • The reference board to get started.
  • Raspberry The home of the Raspberry PI.
  • DigiKey A fantastic store for everything electronics related.
  • Mouser Another store for electronic components.
  • Autodesk’s virtual IoT lab.
  • AllAboutCircuits A great community site.


  • Make Magazine A great place to start and get ideas.
  • Instructables A huge collection of How-To guides.
  • Inventables The makers of the X-Carve… A nice tool to get started in digital fabrication.