As a follow up to the page with SAS related content, I have added a page that will be used as a central hub to locate Internet of Things (and linked ideas, topics, ...) related content. The page includes links to various topics that can help anyone getting started into the IoT world and its related technologies. Again this page will be revised as I move forward and learn new things on my road to physical objects?

A few weeks ago I added a page with a collection of some interesting SAS related topics.

It seemed logical to make another one for the Internet of Things topic. I’m not as far on my road to IoT knowledge, so instead of looking into advanced topics, this page will be used to give leanring paths for those that want to get started in the IoT journey. I will also add stuff around digital fabrication on this page (i.e. usage of the X-Carve to create housing for all those IoT projects).