• I Want Moore.

    Lately I've been fooling around with fractals again and the Moore curve has made a physical appearance.

  • Objects.

    It's been a very long while since my last update. But I've not been resting too much. I have prepared a new set of pages showing some of the Objects (those I'm proud of) that I have created over the last few years.

  • Entertaining the SAS Forum Belux.

    Last week was the SAS Forum Belux. This year the aim was to get some visibility by entertaining the visitors with a small funny arcade game. My part of the challenge was the hardware side of the story... from the arcade cabinet to the electronics inside.

  • Getting ready for the SAS Forum Belux.

    Next week is the SAS Forum Belux. The place to meet and greet fellow SAS users.

  • The ESP32 from Espressif is coming out.

    The ESP8266 from Espressif is already powering a huge array of great projects. For example the Huzzah boards from Adafruit are really great WiFi enabled development boards. Now Espressif is bringing the ESP32 to the market.

  • All About Circuits

    I stumbled upon this nice resource for electronic projects. Lots of interesting content, nice projects, tutorials, ...

  • survey 2016

    The team at made a huge Maker survey. It is very interesting to discover more information about the people involved in the Maker revolution.

  • New page for Internet of Things content!

    As a follow up to the page with SAS related content, I have added a page that will be used as a central hub to locate Internet of Things (and linked ideas, topics, ...) related content. The page includes links to various topics that can help anyone getting started into the IoT world and its related technologies. Again this page will be revised as I move forward and learn new things on my road to physical objects?

  • New page for SAS related content!

    I have added a page that will be used as a central hub to locate SAS related content. The page includes links to various resources that can be useful to most SAS developers. Of course this page we get more content as I move forward.

  • Welcome and Happy New Year 2016!

    For a very long time I have been hoping to start writing a little bit about ideas, tricks and tips. Starting 2016 with this new project sounds like a nice challenge. I want to cover many subjects most of them around programming using SAS, Java, Web technologies, iOS and Mac OS. In addition a little bit of Internet of Things and Hardware tinkering.