• Bathroom Sink

    We wanted to try our hand at creating a sink in Corian for a small bathroom. Corian can be cut easily into small panels and glued together. So we brainstormed and proceeded step by step.

  • Other Objects

    Over time quite a few objects have been created. Some of them do not really deserve a complete page, but hey we're still proud of them.

  • Arcade Cabinet

    We set out to design and build an arcade cabinet for an event. The aim was to design a vintage looking desktop box to run a simple game running on a Raspberry Pi.

  • Bedside Lamp

    Learning to use the Adafruit Circuit Playground and cutting acrylic with the CNC. I teamed up with my son to create a nice translucent bedside lamp.

  • Prototyping with squares

    Creating a new object based on a simple idea often requires some form of iterative approach. We wanted a combination of squares and rectangles to get some kind of non-repetitive layout. So we started with a simple matrix and merged squares to get new shapes.

  • Using RegEx in SAS Informats

    SAS Formats are great at transforming one value into another. Wouldn't it be great to combine them with some regex magic to go even further ? Well it turns out you can use Regular Expressions and SAS Formats together! Here is how.

  • I Want Moore

    Fooling around with fractals has always been a funny way to practice programming. I wanted to generate a shape that could be cut using the CNC to become a physical object. The Moore curve became a table mat.

  • Time for a Reset

    It's been a while since I updated the website... Now is a great time for a reset. The aim has not changed, let's write about those things I'm working with. So some SAS, Java, Ansible, IoT... or all of them mixed together.