Sometimes while working on different subjects or learning new skills, we end up creating objects… This could happen during a training session, following (and expanding) a tutorial, it does not really matter.

I think this is the best way to learn something new… try to apply your learning session to create an object that you would be proud to show to someone else. So many of these objects were created as learning exercises. I tried my best to make them things that I would dare to put in my living space… as decorative objects.


  • Bathroom Sink

    We wanted to try our hand at creating a sink in Corian for a small bathroom. Corian can be cut easily into small panels and glued together. So we brainstormed and proceeded step by step.

  • Arcade Cabinet

    We set out to design and build an arcade cabinet for an event. The aim was to design a vintage looking desktop box to run a simple game running on a Raspberry Pi.

  • Bedside Lamp

    Learning to use the Adafruit Circuit Playground and cutting acrylic with the CNC. I teamed up with my son to create a nice translucent bedside lamp.

  • Prototyping with squares

    Creating a new object based on a simple idea often requires some form of iterative approach. We wanted a combination of squares and rectangles to get some kind of non-repetitive layout. So we started with a simple matrix and merged squares to get new shapes.

  • I Want Moore

    Fooling around with fractals has always been a funny way to practice programming. I wanted to generate a shape that could be cut using the CNC to become a physical object. The Moore curve became a table mat.

  • Other little projects

    And some more little projects.