This website does not use any cookies and does not store any information on your computer.

Because we don’t need to, and we don’t want to.

However, our web server keeps a log of all visits, this log contains the following information:

  • Originating IP Address: your address on the internet when you connected to this website. We use it to know the countries of our visitors.
  • Date and time of the request. Allows us to know when the site is used.
  • Object requested: the name of the web page you visited, the images, … Used to know which pages are popular… and which are not.
  • Web browser used. Helps us test our web site design to suit our users (i.e. using mobile browsers ?)
  • HTTP return code. Shows if we have errors, like missing images, typos in links …
  • Size of returned content. Not used for the moment.

This information is not used for any kind of individual profiling and is not transmitted to any third party.

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