This time I used the reset of the website as a learning project. It is still built using Jekyll. This time instead of using Jekyll directly I used docker to build the website. This is a two steps process, first building the website using the Jekyll docker image, and then pushing the result of the build inside an Alpine Linux Build of nginx. In the end, I get an easier to maintain build process and much less hassle to keep it all up to date. As Jekyll is not included in the final Docker image, the end result is a small image that just contains what I need.

The website itself is organized around 3 topics:

  • SAS and other IT tools that integrate well. I’m very interested in SAS as a data management tool, but also the platform itself (setup, tuning, monitoring, …)
  • IoT, the Internet of Things world is very intriguing and will create many data management opportunities.
  • Physical Objects, building real-life objects that look great and sometimes trying to blend my IT passion with some of them.

I hope you’ll find some interesting stuff to read about, and maybe learn a few things.

I’ll close down by warning all of you that I’m not a native English speaker, so I will make English mistakes. I will gladly fix those that are brought to my attention.